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Brain Sensei

Story-based eLearning Courses for PMP and CAPM certifications

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Brain Sensei at a glance

What it is

Story-based eLearning Courses for Project Management Professional (PMP), and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). 

In Few Words

PMP & CAPM Certifications for project managers.

Best For

Project managers who're looking for an interesting courses to get PMP and CAPM certifications.

The Story

Founded by certified project managers who created interesting, fun, and easy  courses to stand out from the alternative boring and painful courses in the industry..

Learn more

Explore Brain Sensei and receive your courses and certifications in PMP and CAPM.



PMP & CAPM Certifications.


Users / Customers

15,000+​ from 76 Countries.


Affordable and comprehensive solution. Learning through an animated story. This is bringing significant memory learning, engaging and interactive. Competitive price, self-paced courses, live virtual instructor, responsive support team.

Pass Rate for Students




Free Trial

Available to the first module.


PMP has 35 contact hours/PDUs.

CAPM: has 23 contact hours/PDUs.


Fixed price per course/certification.

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