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Premier TEFL

Learn specialized technical skills to progress your TEFL and ESL certificates

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Premier TEFL at a glance

What it is

Premier TEFL enables you to learn specialized technical skills to progress your Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) career. You can gain a certified teaching practice with real English as Second Language (ESL) students.

In Few Words

Become an Accredited & Regulated TEFL Teacher. Your English teaching adventure made easy.


54,000+ Graduates from 89 Countries.


Fixed price per course/certification. Discounts available.


TEFL Certificate.


Online TEFL Courses, Virtual & Hybrid TEFL Courses, and 30 Hour TEFL-Pro Courses.

The Story

Started more than 25 years ago when one of the Premier TEFL co-founders wanted to pass her knowledge and ideas to others with passion and determination to change the concept of teaching abroad for hundreds of thousands of people.



Best For

A native or fluent (C2 or above) English speaker who wants to qualify quickly for English teaching abilities and have career experience.

Reviews / Rating

Recommended by 95% of the graduates / 9.58 Rating.

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