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Sebastian Schieke

Lead your life, master your business

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Sebastian Schieke at a glance

Subjects / Topics

5 Keystones of Entrepreneurship, and The Unshakeable Entrepreneur.

Best For

empowering you to overcome any obstacle, challenge, or adversity in your path – making you bold, exceptional and outstanding. 

Score / Review


Number of Courses

Two courses.


Get unstuck challenge free email series and workbook. And two state-of-art courses for real entrepreneurs.


Free resources and two paid courses. 

Collaborations / Universities

Courses are created by Sebastian Schieke, a business expert based in Germany who has overcome a lot of business challenges and shared his experience in his website and courses. 

The Story

Started with a well-known entrepreneur based in Germany when he had no income, no customers, no projects, and he was able to change all of that to again making a successful story. After, he decided to share his experience with other entrepreneurs to help them become exceptional, outstanding and bold. 

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